Thursday, 4 February 2016

Beauty Mementos

Everything has it's value, some more so than others. If you are passionate about the things that you do (for me, it's beauty and blogging about it), then you must have a sizeable stash of beauty products. There are also some that started it all. It is funny how some products can take you back to a specific memory. It is a memory of joy, of accomplishment and more.Today, I am taking you with me to that specific memory.

  1. Urban Decay Naked 2 palette and Benefit Hervana blush: I was living in the Netherlands when the first Sephora opens there. Can you imagine my excitement? Yes, I was that excited and saved enough pocket money to buy these two cult items that I have been seeing all across the Beautysphere. It was way back in 2012, I think and I came home that day with a big smile on my face. 
  2. Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Rivage and Fetiche: 2011, the year of my first foray into Chanel and these are my first Chanel lipsticks. I also remembered getting them for 40% off at DA Parfumerie in that little town of Wageningen. And then, later on, my husband got me the Chanel Chance Eau Fraiche perfume as my birthday gift, so, that was my second Chanel. The Rouge Coco Shine is still one of the best sheer lipstick in the market even to this day. Right now, the Marc Jacobs Sheer Nudes has stolen the top spot.
  3. Dior Amber Diamond: Anybody remembers this? I just have to put this in here because I think this is my most cherished highlighter. Not only because it is beautiful, but it is also because this is my very first high end highlighter. I remembered waiting until I have enough to buy it and it is just the best feeling. This a baked highlighter but I swear this does not kick up any powder at all like most typical baked makeup products. I don't know how Dior does it but Dior Amber Diamond is still relevant in the strobing era we have now. 
  4. Guerlain Parure Gold Compact Foundation: As you can see from the photo, the compact looks old and wretched. It is very old, I am talking like maybe 5 years old. I finished the foundation but I cannot bear parting with it #crazymakeplady. Guerlain powder an base products are just top notch. I remembered how great the powder is, ver soft, velvety on the skin all while giving the skin a great coverage and a healthy glow. I might repurchase it one fine day.
  5. Tom Ford Lip Color Shine in Ravenous: It is Tom Ford, what more can I say? This is the most recent out of them all here. I waited years for this and finally got it for my Master's graduation present. This lipstick is nothing short of luxurious. 

Call me sentimental, but I do appreciate the things that I have no matter what they are or how cheap it is. 

What are the things that have sentimental value to you? 

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